Bob Evans

If anyone tried to register last night and didn't get the activation email, please bear with me.
It seems that well over half of the internet providers don't want to accept email via the method used by nearly all forums, either putting them in spam folders or refusing delivery altogether.
Currently I have somewhat over 600 accounts that I will need to activate manually (it was over 800 when I started, and I'm just up to the C's now). I'll be getting to them as I can.

For those registering now, I've bypassed email verification in favor of a question and answer method in order to keep the spambot registrations to a minimum. So far it seems to be doing a good job.
Thanks for all the support. That sinking feeling in my gut from Saturday morning isn't nearly as bad now.

BrendanFitz #73

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Bob, thanks for all your doing. It's really sad that we lost everything. But I'm sure we will all band together to get this forum back to its original glory.


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bob, how / where do we buy membership or subscriptions, just registered... looking to up my post count. green flag just dropped, here we go!!!


Thanks for everything Bob..keep up the hard work..let me know if there's anyway I can help you..I can chip in on approving peoples registrations while im free if youd like. Just give me a buzz. 443-942-5543


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Thanks Bob, I truly feel for you.
Thank you for what you have provided us over the many years