Used Animal Parts!


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Cleaning up shop and have the following:


(2) standard bore pistons (will need rings) - $5 each
(1) older style crankshaft with gear - $15
(2) top plates with fuel pumps - $10 each
(2) world formula rods - $15 each
(2) complete head with dual valve springs, valves and rockers (not an RT1) - $25 each
(2) bare head (not an RT1) - $20
(1) flywheel screen with cover - $5
(2) valve covers - $5 each

$150 shipped takes all animal parts above! Need it gone!

Thanks in advance.
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Sold items have been removed and package deal pricing adjusted.

I hope to add more items this evening!
put me on the list for the WF style crank and arc rod. I would like you to wait until more items are added before shipping incase i find something else i cant live without


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Make me an offer if there’s anything your interested in. Would like to move this stuff ASAP!

Just got another part in the mail I ordered from him. It was in amazing condition and I got it for a good price. Very honest seller and he is my favorite to purchase from on the forum because how honest he is and how nice the condition of products is he sells and he also sells stuff for a good price. Very good seller buy with confidence!