Used wheels and old tires


$25 Brand New 2005 date ss44 6.00

All tires below have no set price, make offers.

(2) 8.00 Maxxis Blues
(2) 8.00 Kings
(2) 4.50 Kings
(8) 8.00 Firestone YJF
All wheels are as is and would like to see $5 each. Most are drilled for large studs, I’ve ran on small studs with no issues. Some wheels are in better shape than others.

(1) 6.00
(6) 7.75
(1) 8.25

Located in Ottsville, Pa. Prefer cash or PayPal for payment, local pickup or buyer responsible for shipping. Can also get to surrounding race tracks Snydersville or Shellhammers.

Thanks for looking!

-Kyle Kania
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Interested in buying a complete set of wheels and tires. If you could get in touch with me that is greatly appreciated. (225)-316-3949