Like to invite all to check out the uskra rules ..what a good set of no nonsense rules and easiest tech ive seen yet! All the rules and regulations were voted on by the racers themselves...anyone can go to their facebook page and print the rules right off the site..very nice easy access for any questions and a tech committee to handle any issues in a moments notice....very exciting to see this coming about to help level the playing field , save cost on built engines, easy building rules for a diy and give the racers a voice finally! :)
Thats another great point screamer..uskra doesnt have chapters of rules like others have had..just short and sweet..cut and dry rules.
I couldn't find "more" Is there another site that can be found other than face book

They are only on FB. You have be an accepted member to the group. If you are then look under "files". They're main focus is on Modified clones.
Its easy to just join up no cost.everything is posted right there on pages and ya can click on files for all rules of different engine classes and racong....mayb I can see if I can paste some over here..but im not to good on that stuff.
Wow! Looking at uskra page I see memberships have skyrocketed...I hear alot of good things coming for the uskra events coming in the future.time to upgrade one of my akra clones to a uskra engine and feel the power.:)
Gary's got a good thing going but he needs to branch out from FaceBook some. I say this as an avid and very active facebook user too. JMHO.
Sorry I didn't address this earlier. The website is located at The website contains information about the upcoming races, race schedule, pre-entry info, sponsorship opportunities, etc. For now the rules are located in the Facebook group, because one advantage to Facebook is that we have our members vote in the rules, whereas setting up voting on a website would be labor-intensive. I'll be making the rules available for download on the website soon, as well as in our Tech Manual. Anyone can download the rules, but the Tech Manual will have some excellent technical articles from myself and Sneaks, plus business ads.