** VDKA @ CCS,July 24....Dylan Brockwell Memorial...$2077 to Win,Pro Senior Champ Animal Guaranteed..****

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** Current Lineup ****

VDKA 2021
1 Clone Medium
2 Clone Extra Heavy
3 Jr Sportsman Champ
4 Sr Champ - Clone
5 Restricted Jr.
6 Predator - Heavy
7 Jr Stars -Sprint
8 Animal Heavy
9 Jr Sportsman Sprint
10 Sr Champ - Animal
11 Jr Stars -Champ
12 Jr. Champ
13 Clone Heavy

14 Sr Champ - Clone
15 Jr Sportsman Champ
16 Clone Extra Heavy
17 Restricted Jr.
18 Clone Medium
19 Jr Sportsman Sprint
20 Animal Heavy
21 Predator-Heavy
22 Dylan Brockwell Memorial..Sr Champ - Animal
23 Jr. Champ
24 Clone Heavy

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*** Buggy racers ***
We also have a senior champ with a unrestricted clone motor..... This is a popular class with Great turn-out......


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**** REMINDER ****
Fuel filters are No-longer allowed in the fuel line between the fuel pump and carb....Filters are optional in the fuel line before the fuel pump,ALL CLASSES.....

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**** Reminder *****
Clone Walker air filter is a LEGAL filter when installed correctly.....The flat edge MUST be facing down or turned toward rear or kart....

Walker Clone Air Filter.jpg

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The spec gas sample will be from the Sheetz on RT1 approx 1 mile north of track...All Clone & Predator classes fuel (gas) will be compaired to this sample that will be obtained early Saturday morning...The sample will be the 87 Octane gas....

Clone motors will be teched per NKA Spec's
Animal motors will be teched per WKA Spec's..

Kart safety spec's are based on WKA spec's...

VDKA rule book rules take precedence over other Org's rules....

When you bring you kart for pre-tech bring....

Chest Protector ( Jr stars,Jr 1 & Jr 2 flat karts )
Safety Gear....
4 numbers,Front,Each side & Rear number must be behind axle..

All fuel connections are zip tied or safety wired.....

Weights.....WHITE in color...
Under 7 lbs, Single bolt 5/16" min,Must be double nutted with approx 1/4" of the bolts threads exposed after jab nut..
Over 7 lbs on single bolt, 3/8" min... Must be double nutted with approx 1/4" of the bolts threads exposed after jab nut..

Weights that are mounted to seats will need a fender washer type between head of bolt & seats....Elevator bolts are not required to use washer...

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