** VDKA @ Margarettsville,June 26....Featured Class,Pro Restricted Jr $500 to Win,Guaranteed..****

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Gates will open at 7:00 with Practice scheduled for 9:00 a.m. CLONE GAS to be purchased at the track so bring your gas containers empty and clean! Parking can be reserved by texting Paul Fischer at (804) 519-4216.

Fyi=All Pro classes have a payout based on entries.....VDKA has a featured class at each event were the winner payout is guaranteed....


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** Current Lineup ****

VDKA 2021
1 Clone Medium
2 Clone Extra Heavy
3 Jr Sportsman Champ
4 Sr Champ - Clone
5 Restricted Jr.
6 Predator - Heavy
7 Jr Stars -Sprint
8 Animal Heavy
9 Jr Sportsman Sprint
10 Sr Champ - Animal
11 Jr Stars -Champ
12 Jr. Champ
13 Clone Heavy

14 Sr Champ - Clone
15 Jr Sportsman Champ
16 Clone Extra Heavy
17 Restricted Jr.
18 Clone Medium
19 Jr Sportsman Sprint
20 Animal Heavy
21 Predator-Heavy
22 Sr Champ - Animal
23 Jr. Champ
24 Clone Heavy

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“The Holt Ford 25”

We have had a lot of fun with this race for the last several years and would like to thank Pete and the fine folks over at VDKA for squeezing us in after the VDKA show.

25 Laps
$300.00 to the winner take all..
Everyone is Eligible who has a VDKA predator rules motor.
ZERO entry fee.....
And a Bad Ass trophy check!
This will be ran LAST on the 26th VDKA schedule.
I’m paying the money from the track.
Once again..... ZERO entry Fee for this race.
This should be a good day for the predator class, regular VDK a class, predator money class and now this class on top!
Get them karts out of the garage!
Great News!!!

We found some lap money!

Was rolling around some ideas for the Holt Ford race.

The fine folks at Xceptional Wildlife has ponied up the cash to add 5.00 to every lap that is led.
So that is another $125.00 to the purse.
$300.00 winner take all with a $5.00 per lap leader bonus.
This is shaping up to be a great opportunity for the predator peeps.
June 26th
VDKA race.
Gates Open @7:00