Vega yellow thicks vs thins

I could be wrong but I believe thins for good biting and hotter weather and thicks for low bite or colder weather. But im no expert.
I like thins on dirt, thicks for asphalt. Theres some who have thicks for those wet low bite dirt tracks, theres some who have thicks thats been cut for wet low bite tracks. But you dont see thins on asphalt.


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As said above I have and use both but at our local crawdad dirt track I like my thick’s. I have used the thins when it’s hard and dry and gets a tad dusty. Really the only real difference I notice is the thick’s tend to roll over a bit. Where the thins you can set up for the corner and it will grab and go the thick’s tend to literally grab then you will feel a slight roll into the rubber before it’s planted and goes. Our track is pretty rough and abrasive on tires so I tend to go with the thick’s usually.
We prefer the thick right sides just about always - then cut them thin to put our profile on them.
Doesn't matter if it's dry & dusty no bite, wet and slick low bite, pavement, or dirt; they'll get cut.

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Do you have a specific cut that you prefer over different track conditions (one cut for dry and a different cut for wet) or do you run the same cut for all ? I’ve always ran the thick Vegas uncut and soft as warm butter lol


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Thick and soft work well for damp tracks.
When you get on dry slick and dusty, it'll take a different tire.
If it bites up, then yet another tire.
You can make any tire (and/or profile) "work," but some will work much better than others.