Vega Yellows on Asphalt


Hey All,

Going to be doing a little asphalt oval racing this summer in between dirt weekends. Open tire, but I have been told not to bother with anything other than Vega Yellows. I do have some Dunlops I can use as well. I understand Vegas work very well as virgins with out prep, but would you suggest a mild bite builder on the inside like Hot Lap 2? Maybe 2 or 3 oz? I would assume no prep for the dead of summer correct? We would be racing during the day.
We roll 1.5-3oz during the spring/ fall and nothing in the summer. Usually cut the tire for Sumer as well
Im going to run the local shows on the oval at Avon (genessee valley kart club). Will be clone Hvy. Weenie pipe and drum, I believe the weight is 365. I appreciate the info. Can you cut the thins or do you only cut the thicks?
What tire sizes and pressures do you run on asphalt ovals
I assume Left front 6" right front 6 1/2 inch rears 10"????
How many heats can one use Vega Yellows?
Any other tire better for old asphalt rack
Tire pressures 80 degrees 80% humidity plus?
Front left?
front right?
Left rear?
Right ?
6" or 6.5 lefts to get your stagger....10" rights sides.
10 to 14 psi right.....1 to 2 lbs lower on left......
Yellow MBS will be the best and for Jr.1 and 2 we get about 20 races or less out of em....less for adults
Hoosier has a new A40 that we have been running on sprint races or if you can find some R60A they will work as good also they make them in 6" 6.50/7.10/8.0 use different wheel width to get the roll out you want.