Vegas carts 460 kit

I’m looking at the Vegas carts 460 kit and was hoping to get some feedback before I made up my mind. My experience is with hot flatheads and built gx200’s. What does this kit need to be reliable? My driver is simply instructed to win, or break it trying to. Should I stick with the gx200s?


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I would guess a billet rod if it don't have one .
If you can deal with the extra weight on the rr .
power should not be an issue.
clutch's seem to be an issue.
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I’m curious about how the extra weight will affect the handling, does it need a billet flywheel, what carb and head, basically everything I can get to know about it. I can make a 196 clone run real good (I have a 30% nitromethane tune nailed down for those, but they’re a time bomb. It’s only a matter of time until the block becomes a two piece unit)and according to what I’m seeing it’ll cost me $12-1500 to set this up at least and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I’m not afraid to spend money, I just don’t like wasting it so I’m trying to decide between this or dropping $350 on a reinforced block and upping the percentage even more.


There is a cr250 on the outlaw mini sprint forum on here... for $2000 ready to go...

Or on Facebook Outlaw UAS page... Cr250 billet block... for $2200... ready to race...

Those would be my choices if no rules...
Billet rod and flywheel, flat top piston, 307 cam, Mikuni 33 carb, 1.3 to 1 roller rockers, port the head. Pick up a spare coil, the stock ones tend to go. 4 disc Bully clutch, 428 chain and gears. Enjoy your torque.


buy u a 450 crf honda u can run them for a few years an never have any problems leave the trans in them u can buy one for the price u discussed . a really built bb will cost u 3 grand or more all depends on how big of a track u are running on 1/8 an smalled a wankel would be good to jmo

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The cam and carb are set up for torque~

You will need a larger cam minimum, likely grow into larger cam AND different carb

Wil need an exhaust, will need a fuel cell obviously

Pay a little more if required& get the champion style rockers

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Im gonna run a VC 460 but install my Honda CDI onto it with the NR Racing no rev limited coil& experiment with an offset timing key, starting smaller first

I wanted to de-stroke the 460 with a GX390 crank, but no real benefit the 420/440/460’s are all properly oversquare already.

I would still de-stroke the 460 if it were cost effective~ it simply is not