alol. have a 05 and 07 blue velocitys , big brakes- stainlessbk. lines w/ wedges . can sell chassis rolling or race ready w/ 125 sudams or yamaha? have 3 ea 3 disc bullys and 2 ea birky clutch. scale stands and setup equip pm me for info. john. also have v nose 05 horton trailer w/ stack stand. pm me?
John Only sells The best good to deal with People.
I saw a few people on here looking dont be afraid.......................
zac. 07 is spoke for! gregg jones . no motor will race w/ the new 131 billet> gregg is still over in the war zone.
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It has been offered as a complete package as of 7:00 but if that doesn't happen, it will be $700. It has big brakes and a wedge. Do you want all of that?
troy. my son will be in town fri. and he could possibly bring it back to va?? he runs the stepplechase course in the plains va. ouside warrenton!jusrt a thought!
Or I can bring it and meet you near Lewisburg, WV. I have to go to John's pretty soon to pick up a Reedjet. It would probably be 2nd week in Dec. Free of charge.
Complete engine, pipe, carbs, jackshaft, clutch......$1800. Literally, hook up a throttle cable, fuel lines, tighten butterflies, and install the chain......start the thing and race it.
mike. pulled duals yesterday to put in new kits and top one on one set is leaking down. get new neddle and seat from EC and will have both sets up and running. bores are 54.1 -54.1 both piston in good shape as are the cyl walls. thanks. john
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mike. yes it is ! bought 2 of them new @ daytona and raced them right out of the box! justin drove it @ l-burg in over 30 and he told jim and i .dont touch it!john
mike. zac won @ ag center in ky 10 min ago called me and was happy as hell w/ the buller velocity w/ a wankel; and my dual alky carb setup! 7 karts i think! call me.