Venting and PCV valve


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Venting my open motor with the arc side cover. I notice I get alot of oil in the vent line to my catch can. If I put a pcv valve in that vent line will it help keep some of the oil in the motor but still allow it to vent good?
It "might"....I just took mine 'out'! The line was 'clean' both ways. Where is the 'port' in your side-cover? Also, I run a 3/8 line off the valve cover. (Might make a difference)
Any open motor has the tendancy to blow out oil because of RPM range. Dover vents his Sa's out the top of the block where the gov shaft would be and also runs a PCV valve in the line. Also your catch can has to breathe more out than in or it will not work correctly so make sure you have bigger outlets than inlets they also may need to be baffled to trap the oil in the canister. I would run 2 3/8 breathers off the motor to the canister and 2 1/2" hoses out the top of the canister.
Its on the top side of the side cover. Its the arc billet cover. 1/4 in line at that port and from the valve cover.