Vintage karting America website now open

david luciani

New member
there might be a few guys wondering why i suddenly became a guest on vintage kart site.
so here ya go .
this has been an interesting month.
way more change then i usually like.

i'm administering a Brand New forum with alot of neat toys.
hopefully it'll be to everyones liking.
we'll see.

everyone worldwide is invited to join.we have a multilinguel function so all post can be translated into any language.
i'm inviting any karting forum out there to request linking up to our site.we will be building a complete links page and we hope to connect all vintage karters worldwide eventually.

second for U.S.A. east coast vintage karters;
Info on the cuddebackville vintagekart reunion fall event.
i haven't commented on the event in a while.
the track had informed me the date we thought we had has been given to a different race group.
i have waited for info but got none.
now i have found out why.

the track has picked a new vintage promoter.

his name is rick keller and he's from L.I. and he's been a karter for many years.
he assured me he knows how to run kart events.

he will be handling all the details for the vintage race and show.
i don't have contact info permission so my best advise is call the track for more info.

as far as the fall date goes Rick has assured me it will happen.
exactly when seems to be a problem .
when he gets time i suppose he'll let me now when the event will be happening or maybe he'll post it here.
Daves not here

why did i become a guest on vintagekarts ?
i can't answer that as i haven't talked to Gary , the owner of the forum.
i woke up on wendsday , tried to sign in and discovered my account had been deleted.
it seems that brian and i were sent into permanent time out that's all i've got.

Kevin Gagne will continue to administer the forum.
from what i last heard gary will keep the forum open so no worries there.

i'd like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to all the guys over in vintagekarts.
i can't post there anymore so i am forced to borrow space in forums where i can still post.
i hope nobody minds.

while i administered on vintage i annoyed a few people.
i'm sorry that happened but it's unavoidable when people hold strong opinions.
regardless for the most part administering the forum was pretty fun .
for that i thank everyone including Kevin G. for giving me the freedom to build up vintage karting.
i'm not going away, just moving to an into a forum i actually own with Brian Santee.
it's also brand new software so we'll have better function.

enough said,

dave l.