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Anyone have a 5" Rupp Turbine rear? I know, everyone else needs one too! It's the last major part I need for my Robron SuperDart w/ a WB 820. The outer can be ugly (or gone!) as long as the inner is intact. If this should be in the classifieds, my apologies - I figured more people would see it here.
Yeah, I know! That's why I've posted at just about every kart site I know of. I've been a member here awhile, just never had the need to a lot of good ideas for my clone hillbilly dirt oval kart here.
Bring your kart to the 8th annual Barnesville, GA Vintage Kart Winternationals March 27, 28 &29, 2014. One of the two largest vintage Kart events in the US with over 100 entries and a Hugh vintage kart flea market! and come on over the the Vintage Kart web site and post what you need..Chip
Thanks guys. In addition to here I've posted at, the VKA site, REAR, DIY gokarts, oldminibikes, and anywhere else I can think of. Also checking Craigs list & evilbait. Figure someone somewhere has one!
Actually, Van-K wheels are also correct for the Superdart. First productions had turbines but most came from Robron with Van-K's for added adjustability. If all else fails..... :) -Alan-
Thanks, Alan. I have a full set of Turbines but a couple fins are busted on one of the rears so really I just need one for cosmetics (also gonna attempt a JB Weld fab/repair on it). I figure one Turbine (hopefully) will be cheaper than hubs & Van-K's but you never can tell with vintage stuff!
I also have a set of longer stub front spindles and a different rear axle so I can use an old set of non Rupp wheels if I put it on the dirt.
That's a good call. My '68 Bug runs on powdercoated Azusa's, and gets ran a lot, its a racer, not a show kart, despite the Best Appearing Modified Award at this past VKA Delmar race. Put the old stuff on for the Show, No-go.