Walbro PZ restricted carb


The jet needle in the carb has been bent at a slight angle about 3/8 -1/2 inch up from the tip, this is a blue plate methanol carb. that was built by a very reputable engine builder. Motor hasn't been run the last couple of years before i just got it. Is that a normal and legal practice to bend the tip of the jet needle on a restricted carb? I dont want to get into any kind of a tech issue if that is a no no
I've never had a bent one is all I can say and not being an expert I don't see where it would help anything.
+1 on what Kart43 said. Regardless of the make of carb, slide type carbs with a center needle require a straight needle.
Should not be bent, and if it were bent enough to not allow the needle to go fully into the aluminum block for teching the needle taper, .070" diameter at 1/2 inch, it would also be illegal.

I can see no performance gain -- probably just an accident that it was bent.

Replace and race on.

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