Waller Racing Shop Clean Up Sale

We have the following parts at super low prices. Everything is new unless noted. Some of the stuff has sat on the shelf awhile but is still in new condition. All prices are plus shipping!! Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted. For pictures go like our facebook page..Waller Racing LLC.

Animal Filters
3-4 1/2x4 straight $5ea

1-Longacre Caster/Camber gauge Metric adaptor #78439 14mm x 1.5. $15

SMC Clutches and Parts.
VORTEX Red clutch

1 each 15-17 tooth 219 new vortex red clutch gears $12ea
2-16 tooth 219 vortex red clutch gears $10ea

Vortex Black Clutch parts

2- 4007 1 disc drums only $10ea 4 tab

Bullett Clutch Parts
2-4813 bullett 3 disc drums 8 tab $15ea
1-4870 bullett 3 disc rebuild kit $50
14-4847 spring $1ea
6-4855 spring bushings $.50ea

SMC #219 chain Clutch Gears $10ea
2-13 tooth
1-14 tooth
1-15 tooth
4-25 tooth

Noram Shoe Clutch Parts.
All #35 Chain
1-GE Drum 14 tooth $25
1-GE Drum 15 tooth $25
1-GE Drum 19 tooth $20
1-11t bushing only $4

GE Clutch Springs $1ea

2-Red (low rpm)

1-Arena Clutch 9 tooth bushing $4
5-Arena Clutch Inner fiber washers $.25ea

1-Raceseng S1 Flywheel, Brand new. $85

Tire Prep

1-qt Ruby $18
2-qts Bondatti Tire Cleaner $5ea

New Seats: Safrits and Lightning Lite

1-Safrits Edge JR $25
This seat measures 9 3/4” at narrowest part

2-Lightning Lite JR Small $25ea
These seats measure 9” at narrowest part

All prices plus shipping

Credit Cards and PayPal accepted

Waller Racing LLC
Please Call Ph 319-478-2773
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