wanted engine shop


Have a SF110 Flow bench like new $1500.00 Located in Indianapolis IN Text 317-491-8751 for pics.


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I have everything you need including lathes, milling machines, superflow bench, valve and seat machine, valve grinders, dyno etc $40,000


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I have all clone tools including dial indicators, crank stroke and timing jig, crank gear twister, neway valve seat cutters
lisle hone, super flow 110 flow bench, international dyno corp Dyno model 500, lots of high flow clone heads, micrometers,
tools for porting and polishing, tech tools.. tons of stuff.. 5000 cash takes it.. (804)982-8300 for pics and details..


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Okie 36 I have a complete shop of everything you need plus a lot that you don't need but you would like to have to build or repair small engines. I have too much to list here but will list a few
major pieces; Lathe , mills, Sunnen hones- horz & hand ,new Land & Sea water brake dyno with Auto load control, New digital valve spring tester- special for small engines, new Digital
degree wheel, Superflow flow bench, new 30 gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner, Sunnen valve machine, Sioux seat grinder + set up to machine seats on mill. Drill presses,saws, plus much more,
buy as much as you might like. Call me, Bill Edmiston 918-527-5304