Had the pleasure of meeting the Ward family last week, ended up spending several hours there, feeling like we were a part of the family when we left... Was the best part of my trip to the World Finals! It was great putting faces to names, Mike Tammy and miss Marty are probably the nicest people I've ever met as well as their employees, my girlfriend even fell in love with them and she doesn't like anyone (plenty of people will vouch for that! Lol). They are also very knowledgeable, Mike knows everything and anything, and Tammy isn't far behind either! It really really sucks they are 8 hours away...

I have personally seen the growth at Ward Karting. Lots of new machinery, parts and karts in production (nicest welds I've ever seen!), phone is being answered, not to mention just about everything on their karts were and still are made in house, not many do that!... They're on point!

To Tammy, Marty, and Mike, thank you for everything you do, keep up the excellent top notch work!
I wish I could say the same . I ordered parts 2 weeks ago and still don't have them. This was the reason I stopped dealing with Ward . Either they don't pick up there phone or never get your orders .
Kyle I agree with you also. Ordered 3 different times in the past few months and two times Marty picked right up, the other time I even reached someone in the shop and he answered my question. Parts arrived quick. The best time I found was to call early, 7-8 am and I get right to someone.
I ordered my parts when I was tearing down this buggy . It's powered coated and back in the shop and still no parts . I ordered spindles . Blocks . Nerf bars . Steering column and new black hood . Kinda hard to put a kart back together when I need all this stuff .
Did a little mediating on this one, just to clear everything up the Ward's did nothing wrong here, there was a communication issue between the buyer and the dealer.
I had a great experience buying parts this week. Called down there Tuesday morning and placed my order. Got a text from Marty Wednesday morning saying my order was shipped and the parts showed up today
im just a newbie to this site,but its only because im in our kart shop preparing,and not on the computer!but ive been racing for 17 years,me and my younger brother josh fisher who recently passed away started dealing with mike and marty in 2006 and they really are great people who make us great products to race with..so any problem anybody has with orders,parts etc,they should just bare with them,were all just human.
I don't understand at all, people can post how wonderful they are and how good they are with getting orders out, yet all I'm trying to confirm is the correct number so we can get parts as well, and boom nothing everything's a secret.
It's a 1-800 number on their website. The website is wardkarting.com no secrets, just 1 minute of searching. Call between 5/10am for best chance....
It's a 1-800 number on their website. The website is wardkarting.com no secrets, just 1 minute of searching. Call between 5/10am for best chance....
This ^^^^
Yes gotta call early, or Marty goes to work in the shop
Orders are going out every day
Thats why there is a web store to place orders, if theres something you need that isnt on the store let me know, we'll get it added