WAS it the CASH or Was it the GAS for the Gold Cup Pro Gas Class


Just want to see what everybody had for a reason to running the Gas animal this past season.

Was it for the awards and Prize Money offered?


Did you run the class because it would be slightly cheaper to race?

What if the alky classes had the same awards and prize money?
If you read my posts involving the contentious Enduro engine rule changes...

My motivation for running Pro Gas at BeaveRun should be obviou$.
For me a combination of prize money and high entries/competition. Peraonally,I'm done spending tons of money for trophies. prizes and merchandise are great. That draws entries. And more entries draws more entries. Just need to keep this ball rolling and keep it growing. Both entries and prizes
For me a combination of prize money and high entries/competition. Peraonally,I'm done spending tons of money for trophies. prizes and merchandise are great. That draws entries. And more entries draws more entries. Just need to keep this ball rolling and keep it growing. Both entries and prizes

Bingo - More entries feed more entries and more entries feed more $$$$$$$$ and awards. Key, as Gary stated, we need to keep the ball rolling and keep it growing. We have the racers that get it and then some that don't want to get it! The Gold Cup series could be a huge series again if we all pull the rope in the same direction.

I don't mean to be preaching the same thing over and over again, well maybe I do, but to build the gold cup series big again it's going to take the efforts and support of everyone. It needs for everyone to promote and talk positive about it. If we can just keep working together and WKA can make adjustments based on racer feedback it can be a huge series again. As Rob W. stated having a fun race weekend is a real key. I think some of the gold cup features like the Friday night Sportsman / junior shootout and the Sr money race has been fun and very well appreciated. I have not seen any other series have this type of venue for the racers! This is all good stuff and I predict it will continue as long as the gold cup series continues to grow. We just have to get over the hump of low entries, as the entries increase other kart shops and vendors will want to get involved and then more sponsorships and awards can be added. As far as the Animal Pro Gas engine, can’t hurt! If it saves racers money on new engine purchase and adds more races until required rebuilds that’s a good thing. Also not having to change oil so often and not having carburetor issues because of Alky corrosion is not a bad thing either. I know I have spent a lot less time in my trailer replacing floats and needles this year running on pump gas.

I agree with Steve and Gary. The long time Gold Cup competitor may need/have a different reason to continue to compete than the newer racer.....its just the way it is. I believe the Friday evening races have a positive effect on the entire weekend......more track time equals greater enjoyment....IMHO. My son loves the performance the Alky engine provides but understands the effect the Pro Gas engine is creating by lowering the cost to race. Myself as an old timer from the flathead days, I believe the Pro Gas engine is exactly what is needed to put the racing back into the drivers hands, on track, where it needs to be....and dare is say it....out of the engine builders bag of tricks.
Look at the qualifying times from the last couple of races on Mylaps.com. Positions 4-12 are separated by a few tenths. We always have some allstars and some beginners that are at the ends of the bell curve, but its creating GREAT competition. You're less likely to run around by yourself in your own zip code. You will always be running against someone. THATS FREAKING FUN! I think that is why so many people jump ship from sprint and test the waters with oval racing. They see 8-10 guys on saturday night rubbin fenders and having fun. With this rule package, the parity between the chassis manufacturers and the spec tire, we have a good thing going right now. I think the Gold Cup is going in the right direction.

I know some people would like some tweaks, but I think its perfect for the majority of racers who want to come from those clubs in MD, NY, GA, IL, IN, OH and try their first national race. Personally, I'd love open tire so I can go faster. I know it just aint in the cards though and the spec tire serves the series well. I am excited to be part of the growth. Hope to be able to make 2 or 3 of the races this year. Good luck to everyone in 2014!
Sounds like everyone is hitting the nail right on the head. The added prize cash was nice though i did not get much but the added end of the year awards from the great sponsors that helped put those packages together were awesome and it was definelty a nice perk for me when it was all said and done.

but i have to say i what really drew me to run 4 out of 5 races in the sr pro gas class was not the awards. it was the competition. Each and every race i went to it was a battle and it really felt like there were 5 to 6 drivers that could have come home with the win. I feel with this new engine package it closed the gap on the competition and created SUCH FUN AND GREAT RACING!!!! I had so much fun RACING this year. Even when gary came to the last two events. it still felt like we were a lot more competitive against him especially at Kershaw. I think the fact that the field is so much tighter attracted more and more drivers to each race. and every race got even more fun. i believe that was the biggest factor for the larger kart counts this year. People can say it was the awards or the money, but i bet it was the fact that it was close racing again something that has been missed in GC for the last 4 to 5 years. it was great racing against everyone this year and i look forward to even better competition and larger kart counts in 2014

i do want to thank all the great sponsors that helped grow these classes Baker Racing Engines, Coyote Motorsports, Bully Clutches, Kart City Performance, Margay, Razor and everyone else who helped with the year end awards!!! Thank you all!

-Dylan Zobkiw
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