Water cerculator pump on heater

OK pump was leaking and rotted at the bolting flange.replaced with new taco 110 pump
motor is just fine but it still leaking.pulled it apart and thought the seals were bad.
I ordered a new seal kit at the same time.so I changed them even though the pump
was new.still leaks.had action heating come out today told him what I had did but
still leaking.his answere to me was you heater is shot and 8500.00 for a new one
took him 10 min to look at it and 150.00.I don't think the furnace is bad may need
a good cleaning but don't know.it worked just fine last winter but was leaking.
he said its back feeding ?:confused:
as in internal leak
that can't be good
assume outside wood heat or boiler
that's all I got no knowledge of either
If the Taco pump has a spring type coulping, I think the spring has to be loaded to keep it sealed. The spring will pull the pump shaft into the seal, if not could/will leak.

Did you replace pump or the whole pump and motor assy?


I would not call that HVCA company back if they/he does not know boilers. Never heard of a boiler back feeding.
Boiler pressure should not go over 30 psi because the safety will vent. Should be 12 psi.
Could have a water loged expantion tank or a bad water feed regulator.

If needed send me some pictures of your equipment to help you if needed.
Yes even changed the spring all parts new and made sure it was set.
it hangs around 7 psi.he said it was forcing the water back out the seal ?
you can just turn the water on and it will leak out the pump on bottom seal ?
then he pulled the furnace stack out and that's when he said its shot.
look at the white carbon.? so I now have pse&g looking at it in the morn
to see what they say.:rolleyes:

Sometimes the old pumps and new pumps use different metal.
On some installations, we have had to use actual horse hair and sealant to fix different leaks.
Different metals expand at different rates. That being said white is not a indication of the boiler being shot, black built up carbon is...
Did you clean the faces,of the pump and flange? A little corrosion or rust will always make it leak, also if you have air in the system from changing the pump, can cause a air pocket and cause no pumping or a air lock as we call it.
those Taco pumps sometimes you really have to crank down on those mounting bolts to get them to seal, then again it sometimes takes a few good heat cycles to get them to seal up and stop leaking.

$8500 is a massive overkill for replacing just a residential boiler...
I am in Canada and can get a new 95% efficient one for no more than $2200.00. It is the size of a microwave, and kicks butt.
200,000 btu's

Also if you take the pump off again clean the flanges really good, maybe even put some loctite plumping sealant on the flanges, then before you crank the mounting bolts down give both mounting flanges little small taps with wrench or small hammer all around...do this a couple times as you are in different sequences of tightening down the bolts.

Also if it has been leaking for quite awhile you might just have to replace the other flange.

Hope it helps...
When you say, leaking out the bottom seal? Is it the rubber rings pump to flange seal? If so, some times the stamped steel flanges bend when there are over thighten. if so could try to bend them back or replace them with cast iron flanges. Flanges must clean, any old rubber could cause a leak. Do not reuse flange seals, even if use once, new only.

White carbon? White build up is from water condenstat build up from when the boiler fires up cold. then when it warms up, water dries out and leaves a white powder build up. Run a bush a vacuum it out. Burners too.
Had PSE&G come out today they checked the boiler and its fine :)
BUT the circulator pump I had bought new had a crack in the fitting
were the shaft runs in.not leaking from the seals but from the crack
on the Taco 110 pump.so having them replace it for 685.00
on Wednesday their even going to clean out the boiler replace
the other flange too.then get all the air out,and install a new in line
pressure gauge.then going to send the pump back to taco and
hope to get a refund.thanks to all for sharing some info.

Glad to hear...
I see repairs are a little more expensive in the US...pump $220 gauge $30 2hrs work $150.00 plus supplies $30.00
But, at least they are replacing the items that usually need replacing, doing a service on the boiler.
It is tough for a homeowner replacing the parts himself for warranty purposes.
They should be able to get,warranty on that pump.
I called Taco today they see I just bought it last week so they are even sending a ups call tag
when they recive it they will then send me my money back.