WD-40 in spark plug hole?


Prevents rust on Meth motors....meth washes oil out of the top end, and the karting oil usually doesnt stop rust


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Yeah that's an old trick I was taught years ago ! Someone had told me they sprayed it in the carb as well.
I can't really see that using it the carb would do much of anything, but who knows.

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If I let a motor sit for an extended period of time, I put some in just to be safe.
You spray in the carb when you are flushing the motor.spray in the spark plug hole to prevent rust and to lube the top end of motor.yes you can do it with gas or meth


An especially good idea when you are laying a motor up for the winter. Nothing like condensation causing the rings to rust, which also makes nice circumferencial grooves in the cylinder, too. WD in the spark plug hole then reinstalling the plug is about as cheap as insurance gets.


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Be careful using WD-40 in the carb. "Flushing" it is a good thing... but don't soak it and leave any in there. WD-40 seperates over an extended time and can leave you sitting on the grid while everyone else is racing.