web search protection


Dawg 89
Just finished spending 129.00with a tech to fix the wifes computer. with 3day gaurentee.
her and the granddaughter play games shop face book and who knows what else.
So it hada bunch of addons and other stuff do to point and click.
have macfee cc cleaner the windows stuff.
any ideas what else could provide protection from these web attacks/changes.
Malwarebytes' Anti Maleware might be good. Read about it in PC World online review.

Malwarebytes is good. It offers real time pretection. It does constant updates as well. It shows when it blocks access to unsafe web sites. They have a freeware version which only last a short time. I have the "pro" version which is a lifetime buy in. I think I paid like $20 bucks for it. It's been a good addition to my PC.
Never had a lot of luck with Macafee - other's experience may be different. We use a combination of MS Security Essentials with periodic scans with Malwarebytes, CCleaner and Spybot Search and Destroy. CCleaner and Spybot Search and Destroy have proven especially adept at preventing problems and just plain keeping things shipshape.