Website Design, Points Calculations & Social Media

Track Websites:

One thing we like to do is travel to race, trying our hand at different tracks. Since rules are not always universal, it results in a lot of research. I see lots of tracks that either don't have websites or don't update them regularly. Some just refer to a non-mobile webpage, a Facebook page or a forum. I believe this is a bad look for the sport and something that drives away potential racers. I am on a mission to help get the word out about karting and how much fun it can be. Some can build motors, some can set up karts and some can cut and prep tires. I'm not good at any of those, but I am able to handle technology, websites, social media, etc, plus I don't work between May 1st and Sept 1st so I have plenty of time to handle this during the busy part of racing season.

So, after seeing (and starting) some discussions on Bob's here, I came up with the following:

Review: Free

If you already have a website, let me test it across multiple browsers and devices and provide you with a report of what could be improved.

Build and Host a Website: $150/yr

I will build you a WordPress website, hosted on GoDaddy with a dedicated URL (like where you get the login credentials and maintain it yourself after the initial build. I will provide support if you need some simple help and I will log in every Monday morning and update any plugins or security holes. If you price this yourself, you will see I am taking less than $1/wk to upkeep your site, I honestly really just want to help modernize the web presence of karting.

Post to website: $1/post

I can also take the website I built and post news stories, weather updates, rules updates and more for a simple fee of $1/post. That's right, if website posting isn't your thing, I'll do it for a donut.

Maintain points: $50/yr

I will handle all of your points calculations using whatever custom scoring system you want. All you have to do is get me the results by Sunday night and I will have them done and posted on the site by noon on Monday. I can also do this for tracks that operate their own website, just sit back and let me handle it for you.

Social Media: $25/account

I can handle all of your social media needs from answering questions to making a few posts a week. If you don't enjoy doing this part or if you just don't have the time, I will gladly do it. That is $50-cents a week per account for me to make all of your events, answer questions and make posts. Again, I can do this for any team or track that would like to outsource their social media.


I understand this is a big deal and bad things can happen when you outsource stuff like this. There are multiple ways I make sure you stay protected.

1) You create the social media pages and assign me as a co-host/admin, so if something goes wrong you can remove me and not lose your page and you will always be able to delete stuff if I go rouge.

2) I will provide you with my address and phone number to use if you ever need. I am the only person in the world with my name, so I am pretty easy to find.

If you are interested, just PM me and we can talk more.