Weight disadvantage


We run purple plate. Most tracks have a 300# minimum. And in the 10-12 age range most are just slightly over. My son is a bigger kid for his age and we weigh in at 341. Any suggestions to offset this disadvantage. Setup, tires, motor………….Any help appreciated


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Thats it . Reduce as much weight as you can .
Watch your lap times and try to trim a tenth off each time out .
Pay attention to all the details .
Coaching the driving with positive feedback .


I have the same issue, if you can get up to speed and keep it there it might be your best bet. It sucks make it fun and if he ever gets to cars it won't matter as much. later Chuck


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I ran my first clone race last year (been running modified and open classes) when a track was looking for more clone heavy karts. I borrowed a motor and got to the track to discover I was the only heavy there. Fine. Put me in mediums. We dont have any of those either? Then somebody is yelling to get out for hot laps. I jump in and run really well, passed most, and come off the track to find that was the clone light class. I switch to clone lights and was faster than most at 390#. Makes me wonder how much weight is really a disadvantage