Weight question

I've seen weight placed on front nose of some karts , mostly jr classes. Usually just 5 or 6 lb weights, my guess. A couple times on adult karts. Thoughts on this.

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5 lbs. on front is usually normal to help get the percentage.
Bigger guys like running in heavy or mostly in super heavy you will see more weights on the nose to help them turn because most of the weight is the middle or towards the back with the bigger driver in the seat...jmo...it sure helped us we ran in the heavy and super heavy classes


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Good lord Jamie...get some touch up paint on that frame...:)
When that picture was taken, that chassis had about 100 weekends on it, and those are the original spindles, and original powdercoat, I think it looks pretty good for its age.
Shame when we was forced to park it, but it still got used on the local stuff


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Weight in the nose isn't a horrible thing. I have a kart that pushed bad on corner exit and took it to a fellow to have it weighed and adjusted. The kart was already at 390 and I sure didn't want to add any weight but he added 10 pounds to the nose and immediately I was half a second faster.