Weights on sub-500's competing in OPEN?

Ted Hamilton

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Are 250's or anything sub 450cc generally allowed to run at unrestricted weight if competing in the Open class? I may throw something smaller together for Millbridge if I don't have to be handicapped by "extra" weight I don't have the cc's for... Just curious what the general policy is... Thanks!

as bad as I wanna say they should have a weight break, they shouldnt. If you wanna run in the class, you need to be legal for that class, including weight.
now, if you are COMBINING CLASSES, that is different, legal for your class, and scored seperately. If, for example, you feel you have a pretty strong 250, and think you can run w/ the opens, make it weigh 450 and line it up. Then at the end of the race, you can be checked against every rule and be legal .... every rule.
The only reason I ask is that for some indoor race rules I've seen, they HAVE gotten a weight break....so I wondered what the policy is/was?
in our area, you have to weigh 450 plus to run in that class, and be under 550cc. single cylinder. how much under 550cc is up to you
got milk no weight rule for 125 and 250 he is giving up a bunch of cc he should be given a weight break at least weigh what 250 should (if there is no 250 class where he runs)
got milk is a special 1 time national event that is different from all others.. I guess he was asking what the rule is ... and at ECS that is the rule. If you run in the 500 class you weigh 450, if you run in the 250 class, you weigh ??425?? .. if you mix classes, then you weigh the weight for your class, and get scored separately ... like i originally said, I don't necessarily agree or disagree, but that is the rule where I race.

so to reverse it, do you let a 500 run with and be scored with the 125's because he is carrying all that extra weight ?? Nope, run with, ok, but be scored seperately.
Some of the folks promoting the winter and indoor events tend to change rules that create problems like this for track owners and weekly promoters. Most of us track owners have been using the same rules for many years and they can be found posted on the web. You can see Jeremy’s rules on his link above and ours can be found here: http://texomasprintkartracing.com/Outlaw_Rules

Take a look at the Wing Sprint Kart web page http://www.wingedsprintkarts.com/ most track outlaw rules are close to the one’s posted there.

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TMS - true.....but if everyone was running the standard rules and classes, I'd already be set up to run with a 125. ;) Our UAS flat kart classes attempt parity of cc's via weights, so thats why I was curious if there was any consideration. IMO, uniformity of rules between tracks promotes stability and assists in building deeper fields and allows for travel cross-state without wondering if you're legal. I can understand keeping the weight limit the same. I wonder how Suburu v. clone, and other variations will shake out...
95% of the rules across the country for winged karts are the same. You can run with your 125 in open class but the out come with the smaller motor will be different.
Here is my $.02 even though no one asked for it. No matter what class you run, you should meet all the rules. If it says up to a 125 cc limit, then you could run a box stock clone, so long as you meet the weight. If want to run a 125cc in the 500 limit class, you must meet all the rules. Here is why; on a track like the one paying $2,500 to win, I could easily see a 250 4-stroke that is even the same weight as a 500 winning on that track. The smaller motor is probably an advantage. Why should they also get a weight break? If you give weight breaks, to make the motors as close to even as possible, why wouldn't a guy buy a 125 so he could run 2 classes? Why couldn't a 500 then run in a lower class? The reason the 500 couldn't run in the lower class is because they do not meet the cc limit, so in that case, the 125 should have to meet all the rules in the 500 class. This is what makes this sport great, and not like flat karts. There should also be a minimum lap time in all classes as well. If the leaders are turning 10 second laps, and a guy in a 125 is turning 13 second laps, that is dangerous!
i was with you until the lap time deal. I see where you are coming from, but the flagman can handle it. If the guy is a hazard, then he should be black flagged. If he is running around the inside getting a feel for the power and the car, and not presenting a hazard, then let him go. but i agree. If you want to run the class, you should meet all the rules. (btw a box stock clone would have to run w/ the 250's, they are 196cc) .. .. ... ..
The lap time deal is a huge safety deal, even if running around the bottom to "get a feel". I was at Knoxville Raceway and a 305 was going so slow, that cars running the bottom were darting to get by and almost causing huge pile ups. Then you get lap traffic thrown in there and it is a huge safety hazard. If you can not maintain a speed within a couple of seconds a lap of the last place car on the lead lap, then you probably should not be in that class (especially if you are using a smaller engine and have your own class).
i agree on the last statement, about the smaller engine and your own class. etc ... and the 2 seconds behind the LAST PLACE CAR ON THE LEAD LAP enlightens that a little more too. There are a lot of variables, if there are 3 cars total on the track, then the situation would be much different than if there was a 14 car field. I think the flagman is in the perfect place to make thedecision on if a guy should stay on the track or not
We have a box stock clone class, other tracks have animals, Subarus, briggs intek etc. As you know theses class have been a hand full trying to keep standard rules somewhat out of control and therefore are treated as a track option.

The outlaw classes are very close from track to track right now so one can race across the US without to much of a problem. The chore promoters/track owners have is to try to keep the outlaw rules uniformed, so far so good the Winged Sprint Kart web page ( http://www.wingedsprintkarts.com/) has helped in this feat but it seam there is always someone wanting to change them.

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