What’s all needed for start racing dirt


Looking at start racing looking at new vs old chassis what else do I need how many sets of tires what helmet jacket and other gear do I need ?
There are a bunch of threads discussed about that on the forum. Use the searchbar and you will hit the honey hole with info from all the people from previous threads.

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Leather jacket, jeans, high tops, gloves, full face helmet, neck collar.
Kart - any adjustable front end mid 2000's or newer.
NKA or AKRA clone depending on your region, or a Predator if your track offers that.
400 piece tool kit in case from harbor freight.
$400 flatbed trailer kit from harbor freight + plywood for deck or decking boards.
Understanding partner
Empty wallet
Clean rag to wipe grin off your face.
Welcome to the addiction. I'd recommend visiting your closest track to see what classes are popular, who's got what for sale used, and perhaps someone will let you take a few practice laps.


Is it really that bad
It is really like any other hobby. If you really enjoy it you can spend alot of money and you can also do it reasonably. Look at hunting, some people go out a couple nights after work with a hand me down gun. Others spend many thousands a year and go to hunting camps for weeks. Heck you can even go to Africa and hunt if you have the money. First decide how much money you want to spend in your first season and what you hope to accomplish.


To answer alot of your questions it really depends on where you are racing, then what class fits you best and how much money you want to spend. If you tell us where you are from I am sure someone from your area can help you.


Is it really that bad
It all depends on how competitive you want to be from the start.
Newbies come to the track to try it out and see if they like it, of course they are going to like it, kids like it even more. After a few weeks of riding in the back to mid pack, they want to go faster. That's when the money starts flowing right outta the pocket book.
It happens with everything if there's better people want it and it's just the way it is, that $300 softball bat doesn't hit homeruns like the $600 one.

My kids have been racing for 13 yrs, they are 18 & 22 now and I don't see it ending. Expenses on my end are larger due to the fact that I need 2+ of everything.

Good luck and ask questions on Bob's, there's a great bunch of helpful people on here and honest sellers in the classifieds. Try to stay away from those great deals on FB, most are BS and people don't know what they are selling.


All the above + 1. A good attitude 2. realistic expectations. 3 an understanding that money racing will bring out the worst in some people.


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What’s all needed for start racing dirt?​

$4000 today should do it fine then it's all about getting seat time.
How and what you need to do to get fast will come along with seat time.

And you need something to get you there.
We started out with the kart sticking out of the trunk of an old Buick and what we had stuffed in the back seat.
Never got any more fancy then stuff in an old van.

If ya happen to get fast there's no need for fancy your fast will be recognized.


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I have seen a few newbies this year who honestly seem to think (before they bought in) that kart racing was going to be like playing a video game. All you have to do is buy the game and you're good to go. Clueless about what they need, shocked at the maintenance required, and really arent mechanically inclined. And no they arent having fun.


You can start off on the cheap and that may be a good way to start and see if you want to
commit to the next level. We hauled our first kart in a truck and no kart stand. :oops: Minimal
spares and tires, tried to learn the ropes then gradually stepped up. Karting has a pretty
steep learning curve. You won't win any races but you can have fun as you learn.
Where do you live? What tracks are close to you. This little bit of information given to this community might get you moving in a good direction really quick.


Where do you live? What tracks are close to you. This little bit of information given to this community might get you moving in a good direction really quick.
Yeah I’m going to be racing tony Alabama the predator class I’m old lol so this is new to me I’m joking at the old part I’m 44 years old