What’s all needed for start racing dirt


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I have seen a few newbies this year who honestly seem to think (before they bought in) that kart racing was going to be like playing a video game. All you have to do is buy the game and you're good to go. Clueless about what they need, shocked at the maintenance required, and really arent mechanically inclined. And no they arent having fun.
Yeah, you can tell when they drag the kart out of the trailer and it looks exactly like it did when they put it in the the week prior, that, that person will be screaming they are cheating one week, and then you see their stuff for sale the following week.
Although I watched a guy spend big money on all new equipment and he didn't last the season, when asked why he was selling out, he said he never figured kart racing would be so hard


Yeah I’m going to be racing tony Alabama the predator class I’m old lol so this is new to me I’m joking at the old part I’m 44 years old
If Your Gonna be racing in Toney AL get with Roll Speed Dynamics and get yourself on some of the best tires in the business . Patrick will not steer you wrong Great Guy and advice.
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