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If its track tac BTGP Red, then yes that's aggressive and will make the tire tender when trying to sand if it gets warm/the paper is dull. Was it the same piece of sand paper for all 4 tires? Let the tire cool, better yet chill it in a freezer for a little, then hit it with a new piece of paper and spray with the simple green water mix. .


TT red is very aggressive, if it was allowed to soak for any length of time, you're probably still hitting soaked rubber with your grinder, and as others have already said, without sufficient surface lube when grinding, you're probably heating up the tire just as it would out on the track causing the feathering to continue to happen, ditto on cooling the tire and using maybe straight windex or something similar fir surface lube...


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I had the same problem with a new set of cut Burris than had gotten improperly prepped (too harsh) and and our tire go-to guy put them in a freezer before grinding and they came out nicely.
Mix in methanol with the simple green mixture. It will help keep the tire cool. More of a flash cool. But does help alot on soft tires. Or when running on surfaces that the tire gets gummie( coke syrup/concrete racing). Cole gave you some great points as well.


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Cole gave you some excellent advice. Only thing I'd vary from is using Windex non-ammoniated instead of Simple Green. Simple Green (or any strong degreaser) tends to make the tire gummy/sticky because it pulls oil (and preps) to the surface of the tire.

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