What bearing lube is recommended?


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This past Sunday I went out for the first time and turned about 80 practice laps. Yesterday I took the kart apart and cleaned it. My question is what do y’all recommend for spindle bearing and cassette bearing lube/grease? Also as far as maintenance should they be broken down completely after every outing?


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Dirt ?
Depends if they have the rear seals on them.
Standard bearings are cheap enough to just replace twice a year or yearly.
Otherwise clean and oil.
Some like tri flow.
Some clean weekly.
Spray lube, oil and light grease all are acceptable.
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tri flow


I put my used engine oil i change every race into a container. Then use that oil for my bearings, its a good lubricant and saves money. Change every race. Also clean bearing cassettes and covers really well before taking the covers off.


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I use TriFlow or Lucas chain lube on the axle bearings when at the track. It’s a rough surface so spindle and hub bearings don’t last long enough to care for just pitch em.


I like WD-40 white lithium because it clings to the bearing surface. Got tired of seeing my bearing oil leaking out and lubing the trailer floor.


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Both , they get ruined . You can reuse them ; sometimes they stay in .
Since you asked personally I would leave the spindle bearings alone.
Question do they sound or feel bad?
This subject has been discussed many time in a lot of forums over the years.
There is no distinct advantage of one over the other. Except keep the dirt out , best as you can, replace when needed.
They have tested, leaving the shipping grease in the bearing, Ceramic bearing with super trick $8 per ounce oils.
(No oil at all, bearings did not last long). Lithium grease, regular bearing grease, used oil, new oil, slick 50, STP.
Not any measurable difference in actual racing conditions.
So pick any method that you like , just keep the bearing turning smoothly. replace as needed. Seals once you remove them , Carefully, Will last. But not the metal seal. You can buy the machined seals and they help.
I really like replacing the factory seals/shields with replaceable bearing shields.
This makes bearing maintenance a breeze.
Tri-Flow is our choice, although as mentioned above, there are plenty of good lubricants available -- keeping the bearings "clean" is the most important.

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Those removable sheilds are handy.
They really only keep the big chunks out though .
Which is all they should do.
Your not 4 Wheeling so they work , can't really argue against what works.


Old post but like to add .

I pull inner front bearing seal leave outside in place, run bearing shield on outside

Pull inner metal cover leave rubber on in place rear.

Pull axle don't wash.

Brake clean between weeks and I tried tri flow pretty happy