what cam is best at low rpm 4800-5200 range

isky black mamba sr is good, the black mamba jr is the way to go for awesome low power, any lift rules? i have also heard that the mod-2 is a good cam if you can get a 1.3 ratio rocker on the intake, hope i helped
I would like to ask a question to dyno cams... what is the difference in the mod2 and bp2 cams??? and if I could can I ask why cam builders don't give a power from (blank) to (blank) rpm band with cam listings? it would make picking cams so much easier!!
NR TQ series generally. They rock ass on short tracks and lower rpms. We do 7500 rpm on short track, it's specified to pull to 6500, but even to 7500 its stilling pulling extremely strong. This is on a GX270 with stock carb and stock CC's. NR .280 lift and 220* cam TQ grind