What CHASSIS MANUFACTURER DO you consider the best right now and why ?

To the original question on best chassis now… The answer is personal preference based on past experience with manufacturers and available chassis. There are some I would buy from again and only one I definitely wouldn’t. Most can be made to win.

I have retired now from racing (last race Thanksgiving Thunder 2020) but will share that my last 5 years I owned, raced, and won on PRC, Kinetik, Slack, Ultramax, and Millenium chassis. I had a few custom built as I wanted different tubing and thicknesses than standard. The point is that if you learn how to make a chassis work and how to prep tires for each chassis (ignoring others advice and setups), you can make most of the available chassis today fast and winners.
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Same as the kinetic, it is a kinetic, but was made at PRC for a while, just because it was easier for Wesley to have them built were they were set up for building karts than to buy all the equipment needed, the old genesis used triton spindles, nerf bars and bumpers. Now that he is well on his way, they are built in house
They may have been made at Phantom, but weren't robotic welded like a PRC chassis.


I have a 09 cki av-2 and it’s very fast still to this day but hard to find parts I also have a Ultramax phaze x that is fast just my opinion. Have a good day.
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I don't know what kind of interest moves people to ignore some chassis manufacturers and name some others that have not won even one third of the races some have. For example the Tempest by Millenium used to be one of the chassis with more wins at big events and every single chassis Millenium has built has been on top at big events at the time they were released and still are. Are they the only ones? Of course not, PRC, Ultramax, CKI chassis, etc they are all great and have been in the market for many years, which is also one thing to consider when you buy a chassis. If your builder also builds engines like Millenium / Hi Tech even better.
iv got a 16 faktor and love it had people in it that run new slacks phantoms and chargers and they say its just as good as theirs