What is the best chassis to purchese

Tires, Tires, Tires........ Any Chassis can be upfront its the tires that takes you to the Winners Circle.. Most of all where you have the most chassis support, what works south may not work out east..
Go to your local track and see which ones are running up front. Most all newer chassis have good support networks.
In your area go with slack, excellent customer support, hi quality chassis and a very inovative company.
like asking what the best oil brand is....my advise is to get a chassis that has shown to work and be consistent over a wide range of tracks. trying to narrow down one particular chassis over the other is an exercise is futility. my suggestion is to get a good reliable used chassis first and get back into the swing of things. this way you will get some seat time, get your rythum back and progressively run better and faster. good luck!
This year we have had two 2012 Chargers, a 2012 Axis, a 2013 Blackhawk and a 2013 Triton. Won on all of them, all are good karts. We also keep a couple older karts for Saturday night racing, a 2009 Charger and a 2009 Bad Max that we run in EL classes. Won a bunch on them too, its all in setup and tires.