What is the best way to clean the carbon?


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What is the best way to clean the carbon build up off the head? Also after I lap the valves what is the best way to clean it all up?
I like to boil them in a pot of cleaning solution for a few hours. Then serve them with soft brushes, swab sticks, brake clean and a white cloth napkin.
I put mine in parts cleaner and let sit for a while then wiped and repeat till its clean but think I will try the easy off. does this work in the exhaust port to get the carbon build up and do you leave it sit for a while then wipe?
Anybody try the carbon cleaners that go in your intake from O'Reilly Auto Parts or similar? (I think it's called Berrymanns?)
Best thing is to avoid the conditions that allowed it to form in the first place.

This will not pass a fuel tech if you race with it.
So flush your fuel system.

I was first introduced to this in the 1970s when my father began adding it directly to the underground fuel tanks at the dispenser.
I cleaned everything from the pump to the tank on the trucks ( and clogged a lot of filters in the process until everything was clean ).

The company promises it improves fuel economy and to be honest I can't really tell it does that with any great effectiveness.
But I can tell you it scavenges all the crud out of the combustion chamber of the dirtiest old diesels and removes all the deposits on gas engines from the intake to the exhaust port.
It also cleans your oil furnace like nothing I have ever seen

Like I said it is not for race day.
But every other day on the track will clean things out so you have no deposits on race day.