What is the process to chose your kart #..Newbie here


We plan on running a kart at 103rd st. track in Jacksonville,fl.
Not sure of how we get our number.Just pick our own?or is their a process.?
3 numbers allowed? only 1 & 2?.
Total newbie building a race kart for Grandkids !
Just pick a number you like. If you get to the track and someone is already registered with that # then they will have you add another digit to it. For example, your 11 becomes 111 for that race.

Some of our local tracks allow racers to "purchase" their number for the season. Meaning that for a fee ($5 in our case) you can reserve that number in the classes you run for the season.
Spider.. welcome to karting.. I am the Vice President of the Norht Florida Kart Club at the 103rd street track in Jacksonville www.northflkarting.com . There is no real process in choosing a number for your drivers kart. Pick the number come to the track and see how it goes.. Usually if there are two the same numbers.. one will put an x next to there number. The track uses electronic scoring and the number is only used to register... you got a transponder to race and that will be the tell all for your race results.

You can run a three digit number if you like.. but the room on the side of the kart is at a premium. It also needs to be clear a visable to track workers and the tower scoring.

Please if you have any other questions about what you need to do or bring with you.. get in touch with me on here. or send me a text. 386 503 9068 Mike My son also has a Margay Kart dealership. Parts, tires, oil new and used chassis, his shop is located in St. Augustine. "Mikim Motorsports" like us on facebook to follow are racing efforts.
Thanks for the info!!.Im glad to hear that there is a local kart shop here. Where is his shop? I WILL give you a call or text as I will have questions.
The shop is near I-95 and SR16. Not your typical store front display shop though.. More of a garage race shop at this time.
I used the # off the first kart I ever got. Didn't care what # just wanted to race :) kind of like a boat I didn't want to change the name lol