What is your dream racing engine

My dream racing engine is the Mcgunigull engine performance 425LM circle track racing engine


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A small block chevy. Nothing like a high winding small block. Our small block chevys in drag racing turn 10500 across the stripe. We run on only motor and make 900 horse and go 8.40s and on a good day 8.30s at 165 in the 1/4.


Dream engine ? Well we have a Hamner 425LM and a few SBChevys.
The one I’d like to take apart is kinda old.
1994 Indy 500 winner. Badged a Mercedes
Indy V8. Pushrod 215CI Turbo built by ILMOR. The Beast. A tad over 1000HP.
I’d just like to look inside, WP