What kind of clutch is this? More importantly where can I find info on periodic maintenance.

Someone said Martin?
With the red basket, might be Diablo as well. There are MANY different clutches out there that come in a variety of different colors that are all pretty much the same. (Gator, Viper, Touch, etc.)
Maintenance will be very similar to what Bully recommends as far as cleaning and air gap, etc. As Earl mentioned, disregard the spring heights that Bully recommends as they use a different length spring and retainer nut. Air gap is set with different thickness floater discs (or you can use shims - Bully shims will not fit.)
Also, be sure to index/mark your clutch before (and during) disassembly so you don't mix up the orientation and direction of each metal plate. This is critical, especially if you are not having the plates machined.

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I know this…those 4 tab discs might be a little less expensive than the 8 tab, but the 4 tabs can destroy a basket.

*replace the 4 tab with 8 tab

With Stock Springs and One Bolt/Nut Per Lever

0.440 3400 RPM

0.420 3600 RPM

0.400 3800 RPM

0.380 4000 RPM

0.360 4200 RPM

0.340 4400 RPM

Measure using a genuine Bully Brand Spring Height Gauge calibrated with the supplied Standard.

That is a Gator originally...….but any kart shop should have parts for them if needed.

Clean and maintain it just like a Bully or Vortex.