What the best all around cam for the BSP

running cl2 as far as I know that's what everyone has switched over to. but not sure to many people will always tell the truth on that one..
I am still running bsp 2 cam and I have plenty of power. Most people can't tell a difference between the new cams
I never tried the CL-2, but I've read about too many racers having issues with the CL-2 on the old bob's forums, so I haven't bothered trying to switch from the CL1-i.
anyone having good luck with the bsp3 cam?

I'm testing the BSP-3 in two engines on the dyno and track (sprint asphalt) with somewhat similar results compared to the CL-1i & BSP-2. We're getting up to 6500 with a weenie pipe (about 200-300 more than other two cams), seems fair on the bottom, good mid range and top end but still basically on par with the 1i and bsp-2. So far, we only have minimal testing time invested into this particular cam and it may have more in it than we've found initially. The CL-2 is a whole different story, definitely not a "throw it in and run" type of cam but if you give it what it wants it'll make you happy.

Here's some info from Dover on the BSP-3:

depends on the track size cl1i is a good short track cam cl2 is a good big track cam where you can really turn a motor I have used both and I like the cl2 best
The bsp3 is whats in my motor, and i have had pretty good luck with it and make great power. With any cam you choose to use, you need to match up the carb, pipe, and timing to what that cam likes if you want to make the best power with it. Your best bet is to do what dover said he does, and try different pulls with each cam in your engine, and see which one makes the most power for that engine with those particular mods.
Whats up with that Rev3 BSP I read about somewhere. I can't remember now, but the guy I spoke to had said it would debut at KART.