What the definition of 'is' 'is', as it pertains to clutches


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Understanding Clutches My Way

by Paul Kish SR

My understanding of anything and your understanding of anything, assumes understanding many things. Writing this I'm not passing on a try at debating how anything or any word is defined. I don't care how anything I write in this is defined. I'm going to use words to try to pass on my understanding. If along the way while writing my understanding changes, based on a change in my understanding of a word, I'll try to correct how I'm passing on my understanding. If you notice something in a word or how a word is used and you see how it's usage can change how others see things, keep it to yourself and I don't care. My purpose is to pass on an understanding and not to haggle over words or definitions. If you see the possibility for things to be understood in two different ways, again keep it to yourself. Seeing it means I have already passed on my understanding to you and you already understand what I'm giving or you would not see different possibilities.

To have an understanding of clutches is the goal, but you don't need to know the exact definitions for things like power, torque, lockup and stall speed. You only need to have right or wrong an understanding of them. It's how you bring things together in your mind which creates understanding. If after reading or learning something things don't fit as well as they did before, you in your own way will gain a new understanding. It may be hard or easy to rearrange your thoughts, but when and if you do you will have learned along the way. Writing this will help my understanding and I think reading this weather you think it's accurate or not, will help your understanding.

Now that all the bull and argument for the sake of arguing is out of the way, I'll continue on in what I'm sure many will see as a half correct way. But if it passes on or gains someone a new or better understanding, it has served a purpose.

… I plan and hope to post more on my understanding of clutches. But in trying to get all the bickering and bull out of the way up front, I felt or gained the 'understanding'; what I wrote pertains to all of how we talk and discuss things on here. Because of that I decided to post the preface to putting clutch thoughts on here, in the 'Off Topic' section. It's sort of like... HEY ! You should use a (“) instead of a (') when you wrote 'Off Topic”. My answer is sure it's nice to know which is correct, but for the sake of passing on an idea or understanding of something, WHO CARES ? … :)


A 'racing' clutch makes a mechanical connection to engage your engine with the axle, at the rpm you need to get a fast start. In all cases the most power will be put to the axle at 'peak torque'. That's it that defines things, except for variables. … ? hopefully, to be continued in a future thread... :)

edit: In the paragraph above I deliberately used the word 'fast'. I could have used 'fastest' or 'best' instead, but my understanding is ... who cares, ya just gotabe fast.
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Thank you, that's exactly the type of response I was hoping for. You made all the effort and thought I put in writing it, worth while and rewarding.

thank you very much,



ps... I read through my original post. I got a few chuckles out of it, consumed them, and after fixing three words and adding four comma's, it now reads in a 100% clear manner.
Next let's talk about the differences about why you would say "thank you very much", verses "thank you" or "thanks" or something else. It's all about intent, not content or context.

thanks again

I love it when Paul starts drinking at noon. Or perhaps ten or eleven a.m. in this case. I, like Mr. 47, THINK I understand what you are trying to accomplish too.

I subscribe to Mr. Glenn's thoughts on engagement, but that's just me and I'm a novice to this stuff.

Can't wait to read the rest Paul.

By the way, is it foot pounds or pound feet? Just kidding.