What three words best reflect the down falls of racing?


old fart
I just had an idea... somehow that don't sound so strange. ... :)

I never expected so many replies and actually I gave the correct answer with my first post.

I have decided this is now a contest and there will be just one winner and it may be me.

Remember the subject and title of this thread, offering your answers and I, yes me, will decide the winner by placing a like on your post.
To the one person who already got a like from me, tough luck I took it back until the end of the contest.
If ya think someone offered a good reply put a like on it and maybe it will sway me towards the most popular.

... or maybe i'll just like myself and win the whole shebang, it's all up to me, your offerings and how others see your greatness giving you accolades.

Will you win or will I win? might be I won't even care bout it the day after tomorrow and dump the whole thing.
But you may become "the" famous contest winner and move on to other fame and fortune.

Do you have the three little words it takes to win?