What three words best reflect the down falls of racing?


old fart
Not asking for permission, asking for advice on the rules change i'm pondering.

If changed the winner will be determined by a coin toss between the one I feel is the best if one can beat my first post...

and the last new one. ... :)

So like racing even if yer good, there's always luck involved !

it's also always nice when a back marker has a chance to win


old fart
Just like racin ya got to have more and more rules.


Throw yer best shot at it or more shots to wipe out the target and pay tension !


old fart
Since you ain't got but one of two nickels to rub together I think i'll pick Bob to flip his nickel when the time comes.

I'll give ya the choices Bob and you get to do the flip off
If not i'll just flip someone off, their chance to win.


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Over complicated decisions

too many variables

track prep complaints

on track confrontations

fighting in pits