whats it worth ?


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A friend has a NOS R111 flat head #133230. It's new in the original red plastic box. From 2006 when they were sold assembled. I need opinions on what is worth. Thanks.
The boxed FH's were older than 2006... My brain is deteriating but my guess of lastyear was around 2000...
Either way the age won't determine value as long as its new in the box..
We need the type and serial number to tell us more..You gave a valid model #
Now we have to determine if its alum or cast bore. It is a single bearing block foresure..

Again guessing a lil... we were paying approx $240-$260 in 2000
Thankyou for that info. I got the numbers and date off the box, I'll have to go back and check the sheet metal numbers. Thanks again !