What's its purpose?


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Under the seat there's a strut/turnbuckle, that ties the left side rail to the cross bar! I've noticed a lot of karts have them but some do not! Just wondering what it's designed to do? Seems to me it would bind up the chassis?
What's the adjustment for? If you tighten or loosen it to much it makes the axle harder to spin! Thought it might be used to help the kart work under different conditions?
I may be wrong , but if you tighten or draw this link in it will tighten up the kart , or make it hard to turn....might be ok for a big track. We run ares loose with no bind, and kart turns great on short tracks. jmo
IMHO, I believe that it's there to allow the L/R tube end to flex, without breaking , as they sometimes did, then a diagonal bracket was tried ant I think it made it too stiff. I have had a chassis with that diagonal sawed in half and then a clamp could be used to tighten it up, seller told me to never use the clamp.
That tie rod is there to keep the LR frame rail from bending in a crash, but still allow that part of the frame rail to flex freely, it is NOT an chassis adjustment, it should be loose