What's on tap for Racing Dreamz in 2014.

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Here's what's on tap for Racing Dreamz in 2014. Tomorrow, we submit a proposal to the City of Elizabethton, to lease 100 acres in a remote wooded section for our use. We want to build a sprint oval/road kart track and an off road track. These will be used for our Todd Murray Sprint Program and our Bill Ross Off Road Program. The City Planner, Jon Hartman, encouraged us to submit the proposal. Once he approves the plan, it will then go the the Utilities Manager, Johann Coetzee. If he approves the plan, it will go the the City Council. If they approve, we bring Bob Barnard to town and he will design the world class karting facility for us and we begin the fund raising to build. So hopefully, this year will be much better for us than 2013 was. This 100 acres is next to the 95 acres that we tried to purchase last year. So, we know the area quite well. The city is not using this acreage and has no plans for it. With it leased and built up by Racing Dreamz, the city Police Dept. will have a driver training circuit they can use(which is right next to their firing range).
We are currently trying to raise the funding, https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/rally-karts-for-racing-dreamz, for our new Rally Karts production. The global racing motorcycle manufacturer, Pitster Pro, has agreed to produce the karts in their factory, use their worldwide distributorship/dealer network to distribute them worldwide for public racing. Racing Dreamz, if we get the production cost, will get a percentage of each unit sold. This will allow us to be completely self-sufficient from then on. We will then be able to expand to other cities in the United States and be able to help more special needs children and disabled veterans whose dream is to get into racing. We hope to be partnering with other organizations to help our enrollee's expand their racing activities, this year as well. Racing Dreamz plans on checking out Just Track It, LLC, this year to see if we can help some veterans bring their vehicles to their track functions.
So, so far, that's about it. We ask for your support in anyway you can contribute. Feel free to call the city officials in Elizabethton to voice your support for our proposal. Their number is 423-547-6200. Ask to speak with Mr. Hartman and Mr. Coetzee and to leave messages for the City Council.
Help Racing Dreamz be a driving force for our kids and veterans in 2014.
The Racing Dreamz Exe.Director and I(Donna and I) submitted our proposal to the Elizabethton City Planner, Jon Hartman today. We are asking everyone to give everyone on this list a call and voice your support for out proposal. Basically, Racing Dreamz wants to lease 100 acres(a tract of land they are not using, never have use, now will ever use) so that we may develop it for our racing kart track system. This will help special needs children, disabled veterans, and the citizens of Elizabethton, Tn. So if you would, please call and ask them to support the Racing Dreamz Race Track Proposal.

Office of the City Manager
136 South Sycamore Street
Fred Edens, City Manager 423/542-1507
Jennifer Arnold, Executive Assistant 423/542-1507 Fax # 423/547-6258

Department of Planning and Development
136 South Sycamore Street
Jon Hartman, Director 423/542-1502

Department of Parks and Recreation
300 West Mill Street
Mike Mains, Director 423/547-6441

Director of Water, Wastewater and Electric Depts
Johann Coetzee 423/297-9128

Thank you.