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Im new to karting, just bought a prc kart with no wheels.There seems to be an endless amount of options from width, offset, material type and diameter. I run a 1/10th mile dirt oval Everyone runs treaded tires, so I know I want to stick with that, but they all have very different wheel configurations and tire sizes from each other. What's a good starting point for wheel size for each corner? Any info is apreciated Thanks in advance.
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Normal dirt 6" diameter wheel sizes are:

Left front 6.5"
Left rear 8.5"
Both right sides 10"

Your application may vary running treads and depending on desired stagger.


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The sizes given above will work with slicks, but may (or may not) be right for treads.)
Treads generally mount up MUCH larger and give a much larger amount of stagger than what most flat karts need.
We work with Hoosier and Burris treads on a weekly basis here in the shop, and have a set-up that works well to get the right sides back down to 34" and run the typical wide rights, narrow lefts, where they need to be for a flatkart with limited HP.
We also offer cutting and prepping services for treaded tires (but I wouldn't recommend it for a backyard track if your competition isn't already doing this.) As soon as one guy starts down that road, you'll all end up having to do it to stay competitive.

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