Has anyone heard when this wheel shortage may possibly be over? I know it’s probably a moving a target, just curious what people may be hearing.
Here's an update that VanK posted today:

**Van-K Update – June 9, 2021**

Used Spinning Lathe
• Up and running
• Slower than old machine
• Having to write each new program from scratch
• Producing roughly 150-200 wheels per day

Contract Spinners
• Extremely slow production
• Should be getting large shipment from them next week (week of 14th)

New Machine
• We have put the green light on their sample run
• New machine can produce nearly 3 times as fast as current machine
• Ports in Spain are a mess. Machine set to ship June 24 and land in Chicago around July 19th.
• We should take delivery of the machine the last week of July.
• Assume full production 1st week of August

Wheel Schedule
• P-Zero
o 6x10
o 6x8.25
o 6x8.75
o 6x6
• Others
o 6x9.5
o 6x7.25
o 5x6
o 10x6
o 6x8.5
o 6x8
o 6x6.5

I know this is behind schedule again, but we are doing the best we can with what we have. Wheels should be steadily shipping out of our building by the end of this week. Please continue to be patient with us and we promise we will get out of this mess. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is bright! We look forward to strengthening the Van-K brand and giving the industry the wheels they want in a timely manner. Thank you!