Where are the 2020"s

I along with several other people have been waiting for left side 2020"s. I've been able to find right sides but no lefts, does anybody have any answers as to why this is happening. Is Burris holding them back for some reason? Race season is right around the corner and lots of people don't have fresh tires. What is going on?? Thanks for the reply


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We were delayed a bit on LF,s but have since cut many sets of 33s and shipped.
It's simply that time of year when everyone is buying at the last minute and some folks are going to be left out.
This happens every year industry wide.
Wheels are always an issue, this year is no exception, especially with DWT backing out of machined wheels.
Body guys are way behind in production, even the import junk is being affected by coronavirus this year.

We're on a 4-6 week back-log of work currently, and I don't see it improving a whole lot until racing (outdoor) season has started here in the midwest. It just comes with the territory, I suppose.

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We have sold several hundred 500x6 and 600x6 SS33A tires since receiving new production after January 1st.

Let me know where you are located and I can direct you to someone who can take care of you ??
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I've been dealing with TCR Bill Williams and he has only had 6 2020 left sides all year. I asked if he had called Mike at Burris yesterday and he was going to do that today now i'm waiting to hear back.