Where to look for 2 cycle motor

will. give me a call ! have stock 125 sudam,open duals,pipe and j shaft and clutch. also other 2 cycles? have tt-75 and yamas. john hilton 1 513 967 5383 cell.
Its a K11 (Reed engine) blueprinted by John Garde & Lynn Haddock. Freshened up by Kent Lautakis.
Engine has 3 weekends, with less then 100 laps on it.
What should i have in a complete setup: motor, jackshaft and clutch. Looking to play a little, is a kt the best way to go or something a little bigger?
depends on the class, and track size, and race ready weight, your racing in? in the open/rwyb class i would go bigger then a kt-100, jmo...