Where to start with tires.


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I am a new racer ran a few races last year and I dont know where to start on tires. So I thought I would ask some questions.

How do you know what a tire is supposed to durometer? (Burris 33a)
How do you know what the track calls for in a tire?
How do you determine what prep to use for track?

I know folks have alot of time and trial and error in finding the answers to my questions and might not be prone to answer, but thought its worth a shot.
Thanks, Justin
First off....where do you plan to race at ........there are many on here that can help you get what you need.....
Burris 33a's come out of the box at about middle to high 50's. Prep all depends on the track. Does it get Dry, Hard/Slick? Have lots of Bite? Does it lay wet with no Grip???
If you can afford to buy buy a set of tires from someone that also sells prep and can cut the tires for you and might know the track your at that's where I would start.