Which do you prefer: Slam you back in the seat acceleration or go fast till you see God?

I would say acceleration being drag racing has been my passion forever...and the most exciting part of the 1/4 mile is the first 60' . my PB is a 1.52 60' in my 91 LX mustang but there is the odd sensation after running 130 + for a couple minutes and coming back down to the speed limit then getting that feeling that you can just open the door and walk.


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I like the whole zero to 130 at a very accelerated rate kinda speed !


I have a high CG so I don't like gas, brake, gas, brake, kind of drive. I like to keep the throttle open and just steer. That means lower power engines or bigger tracks.
This is what u think would be amazing. 1.20s in the 60ft 8.4s in the 1/4. My dad says he loves driving this thing!
I can’t wait to drive something like this. So I do have a question though, this one passes for sure as the one that puts you back in your seat but it can run 165s in the 1/4 and even a little higher. So it may be a mixture of both so it may not count. But my vote for what I would rather do is easily have a car that puts me back in the seat! It’s all about the adrenaline rush!


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