which engine?


Small bullring track . which engine?
Animal @ 250 with black slide
Flathead @ 225 purple plate
206 @ 225 black slide?

Animal and flathead on alky 206 on gas
black slide - I assume you mean the long slide (as in JRLO206 kid kart engine application?) Is the 206 the adult or JR LO206? (6100 or 4100 rev limiter?)

Sounds like a pretty close mix actually. I'm thinking the flathead might have a slight advantage over the others. I haven't dyno'd a long black slide in a bp'd animal, so I can't tell you where that would be, but my guess would be that the 206 (because of rpm restriction would be better off than the animal on alcohol with a 25# weight break.)
Hopefully someone with some more dyno experience with the long slides can chime in.

As more and more tracks are combining engines, I think you'll see changes and tweaks to the rules in the future. Keep in mind that track configuration plays a big role in mixing engines in the same class.

Hope this mix works out for your track.

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Still, with the 6100 coil, you won't ever need to get to the rev limiter with the long black slide. Short black slide for sure -- but by the looks of the other plates, I'm sure they're meaning the long black slide like we use in the kid karts.

I'm still thinking the flathead has the edge. It really doesn't look like a bad mix -- should be pretty even especially considering on the bullring track.
Ok I have been running the flathead and they just added the animal. So I guess I will stick with the flathead. Thanks
At this amount of restriction, with this inexperienced age group, wouldn't the animal or 206 have a better "recovery factor" due to better overall torque across the range? With this class relying on momentum so much, I would think these engines would have more low-end grunt to get back up to speed quicker than the flathead if the driver had to get out of the throttle.